Developing and encouraging working relationships

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Developing and encouraging working relationships

One in four UK workers are not performing at the best at work 32% of UK workers say they are not stimulated by what they do, and 36% say their work is not meaningful (all from Deloitte 2018).


We spend so much time at work I firmly believe people should be valued, supported and enabled to do great work. This benefits the person, the manager and the business.


Being a people manager is a huge responsibility and one that is often given to people as an add on to the rest of their role, almost implying that it can be done when you have the time. My heart sinks when I hear people say they have so much task to do that their working relationships, people management and team development are squeezed out. How did some organisation’s get so bad?


Being a great people manager is about developing and encouraging working relationships, helping people to be their best, and managing boundaries so that people can do great work. Helping people to work out how they can do valued work, exploring and agreeing expectations and supporting people to gain self-awareness of how they are achieving so they can monitor and improve their own performance are all key activities for a people manager. And at the same time having an awareness of the future, how will the team be prepared for any changes in strategy, delivery or customer needs.


Now all this may sound like the managerial equivalent of patting your head, rubbing your tummy and at the same time singing the national anthem, and over the next few blogs I want to give you some concepts and ‘how tos’ into how you can reset your people manager skills.


Tune in to the next instalment!

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