How we do it

Evaluate, embed and sustain

Our approach – Discover

Whatever your training or coaching requirements our approach is always to first learn about you, your business, its culture, challenges and objectives, and how success will be measured. Only then can we design a programme that we can be confident will bring about change and realise those objectives.

Our Discover activities include a range of options including:

  • Agreeing the scope of the development
  • Spending time with people beginning to understand their role, their activities and their development needs
  • Have sight of any supporting material, surveys, induction packs and anything else that helps us to understand more about your business, strategy, products and service
  • Small focus groups of people and then their line managers to define their strengths, development needs and key management challenges
  • Feedback our findings to you and a small group of stakeholders
  • Using surveys, assessments, 360 degree feedback and psychometric profiling

Our approach – Design

Once the scope of the has been agreed we design the programme content.

If we are working with you on a long term project we find that modular development works best as it allows people to focus on one skill area, put their learning into practice then come back for reflection and further skill build.

We link all development to any values and competencies you may have.

Our development principles are:

  • People develop when they understand the benefit of behaviour change
  • Simple tools and approaches are useful to people
  • Practise and feedback refine competence
  • When people learn together exploring real issues, committing and making change performance improves.

Our approach – Deliver

There is no one size fits all programme and that same principle applies to the way we deliver our training. Our experience allows us to be very intuitive and adaptable with the groups and individuals we work with, and find a way that makes people comfortable with us which in turn facilitates a positive, supportive learning environment.

During a development day people will be expected to “make it real” by reflecting on their work situation and how they will apply their learning. We do not use role-plays as it creates an element of being artificial. Instead we like people to talk real – their situation, their people and their hopes.

We find an element of “flipping learning” effective, so that we ask people to spend no more than 30 minutes before each training day looking at recommended web based film clips or blogs. This helps us to maximise the development time together.  We can also highlight any e-learning you may have.

Participants will be given a clear and concise workbook that gives them the background to each topic covered, with reference or web material that will deepen their learning.

Our approach – evaluate, embed and sustain

An engaged, enthusiastic group or set of individuals is satisfying as a trainer, but the true measure of success only becomes evident through honest review, evaluation and adaptation on an ongoing basis.

Through various tools at our disposal we look at the impact the training had, what people learnt and what they went on to implement. We look at the success they, and the organisation, had in line with these changes and what can be done to continue this performance improvement. One method is to re-visit the focus groups we worked with at discover and design to seek their feedback.

Through this process we can help you embed change and continue to empower, motivate and enable your people to be the best that they can.

We will regularly evaluate the programme by engaging participants and their line manager in feedback and reviews, and we will meet with you to review programme feedback, performance and to plan ahead.