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Coronavirus (Covid-19)

During this year the world has dramatically changed, and we have adapted our work to create, design, deliver and evaluate development solutions that meet your needs.


We are committed to skills, learning and development that inspire you to be what you want to be – your authentic self.

You spend a lot of time at work, and we believe that work should be collaborative, meaningful, value add and values focused.

The manager’s role is to build team relationships that build and sustain performance, create meaning and focus for their colleagues, and to help build a better future for their team, department and business. It’s an overused phrase, and yet true, that change is a constant, and we believe that if you lead people your role is to help them navigate and constructively contribute to change.

Autonomy, learning and empowerment are all key approaches we advocate. Helen’s PhD on the topic of empowerment gives us a researched and proven understanding of the factors from the perspectives of leader, the team member and the organisation that all contribute to successful empowerment.

Any old-school approaches of control, coercion and commanding just aren’t sustainable, and demanding more and more from people just isn’t right. Leading people isn’t about the to do list, it is about creating and sustaining a level of performance, meaning and purpose that creates the magnet for people to want to come to work, to spot opportunities for improvement and to desire to make a real difference.

Really hearing people, involving and empowering people, and creating organisations where people, customers and performance can thrive are what we are all about.

If you want to know more about our development and learning Consultancy do get in touch, we love coffee and conversation.

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