About Us

Orange Pip – the Development and Learning Consultancy

I left the world of employment in 2000. I didn’t have a business plan, I didn’t have a 5-year target or anything like that. I had a desire and an intention of working with people to help them be their best, to be confident and to be able to do great work and help their colleagues do great work. And that was it.

Since then we have worked with companies and organisations in many sectors, both public and private. We have grown by continual referral and recommendation: people like the work we do, we add value to their organisation, and so they recommend us to their colleagues and network. At the core of our work is understanding about you, your goals and hopes for your organisation, your fears and worries about what’s going on, and all the time giving you space to think, to dream and to develop yourself, your team and organisation to be great.

We are continually refining what we do, we read and learn, we share, network, we think and develop ourselves. We also take time out to refresh, renew and just have fun.

To stay in business for that long takes focus, it takes learning and it takes making mistakes. We do encourage you to take some risks, to be truthful and above all be ambitious for your development work.

Helen Askey – Managing Director

One question we are often asked – why the name Orange Pip?

We wanted a name for our company that was memorable. We where thinking of names whilst relaxing at our favourite Indian Restaurant. The inspiration came after the meal when refreshing orange segments were served, the rest is history…

I lead the team, and work with a group of excellent associates on a project by project basis. We come together to share best practise, learn from each other and to support our own development. To be frank I love what I do, and will always have ambition for your business, will go the extra mile, will hang out with you to help you think, reflect and pace your work. People do great work when they have a belief in what they do, when they know they have a team who have their back, and when they can reflect on what’s happening. Our work helps you and your team to take a pause, to get real, to learn and grow and then take action.

We want organisations to be humane places, where people can do good work, contribute to success, be respected and thrive. Where managers listen, enable, engage and empower people to contribute, to make a difference and to know they are valued. We enjoy finding out about organisations, so please do get in touch and we can explore how we can work with you to achieve your development goals.

Our main strength is our experience of delivering impactful, lasting change. We have a vast range of experience having worked with blue chip company Main Boards, High Growth SMEs and indivduals running their own companies. You can rest assured that we will go the extra mile to ensure your success is achieved

Some of my highlights

Certification – knowing stuff

Yes I love to learn! I read a lot, listen to blogs, network and participate in great learning experiences. Along the way I have gained certificates and qualifications.

PhD - How leaders encourage empowerment

Professionally Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF)

ICF accredited coach supervisor

MSc in Human Resource Development

Licensed NLP trainer

Diploma in Humanistic Psychology and Group Dynamics

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Training and Development

Diploma in Training Management

BPS level B, accredited to use various psychometric tools :16 PF and Myers Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI step 2, SDI, Firo B,F and S, HPI and HDS

BA Hons in Business Studies

Certified Generative Coach (Roberts Dilts and Stephen Gilligan)

Barrett centre accredited to use the range of cultural transformational tools

Belbin Team types user

Diploma in Team Coaching

Resilience and Mental Toughness coach (MTQ48)

Groups and Associations

I enjoy meeting people to learn, reflect, share experiences, to be challenged and to build relationships. I am a member of several thriving learning communities including the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Off Topic Favorite Things to Do

I love taking time out to renew and regroup. Among my pleasures are making quilts, nurturing my garden, walking with my dogs, travelling with my ever-patient husband, drinking gin with friends and sitting by the fire reading a book with a cat on my lap. I endeavor to exercise, eat healthily and meditate.

Music is a big part of my life, it lifts my spirit, makes me smile, and yes I sing in the car! My all time music hero is David Bowie, and I do enjoy a great mix of tunes.  I love going to concerts, and country music is my place to hang out (don’t judge me until you have listened to some suggestions!).

I am learning to play, rest and renew – this is work in progress for me.

The Orange Pip Promise

We’ll listen, we’ll learn and we’ll be flexible. We’ll reflect, we’ll adapt and we’ll work collaboratively with you, not just for you.

If the way we approach our work and the programmes we deliver sound of interest to you, please contact me to discuss your hopes, interest and development intentions.

You can email me at helen@orangepip.co.uk or call 07712 880772 to talk all things development, learning, engagement, goals and results.

We hope that we can soon be working with you to realise the potential of your people and help deliver sustainable change within your business.

Our approach

Development is an adult-to-adult process
  • Learners and facilitators work together to create a successful outcome – we are in this together, collaborating to create great work
  • The learning environment supports effective learning – challenge, appropriate pace, regular feedback and thinking time are all key ingredients
  • People take responsibility for their learning effectiveness – we help, encourage and offer insights so you can take forward your learning.
Experiential learning stimulates development. This implies that:
  • We use “real plays” and simulations – appreciating your unique situation, challenges and culture
  • We encourage people to try out their skills at an early stage – rolling up your sleeves, getting stuck in and practising and using learning
  • We go round the learning cycle – thinking, practise, reflection, feedback, learning
  • We use techniques such as accelerated learning to stimulate people – learning should be engaging, relevant and challenging.
Culture change involves everybody. This implies that:
  • We work with teams to help them achieve their vision – getting to know you, your ambitions and hopes
  • We encourage leaders to be role models – be authentic, be open and be there for your team
  • We work to build long term client relationships – we become your friend, your peer, your boost
  • Everybody should review and celebrate achieving milestones and successes – lets have more acknowledgement, noticing and recognition for learning, success and effort.
Our approach offers:
  • Insights and feedback – creating meaning, insight, self-awareness and understanding are crucial parts of learning
  • Theory when it supports learning – we know our stuff, and will share it when it is useful, otherwise we want you to think, reflect and make your own meaning
  • Memorable experiences that achieve sustainable skills development – time to build learning relationships, showing up and creating the learning agenda with you, creating the space to take risks and being fully present
  • Creative approaches – yes we like a flip chart and slides, and we also know that time to grow means mixing things up a little
  • Involvement of stakeholders in the design, implementation and evaluation phases of learning – gaining perspectives and experiences, creating partnerships and collaborating to create learning that lasts.

When people put their trust in me to help them help themselves. Learning more about yourself is not always pretty, working alongside people to help them through often difficult transitions is very rewarding.