One theme from the conversations I have at the moment is how anxious, stressed or reactive people are. I know there are root causes that can be addressed, and for now I want to suggest a simple phrase that we can use that will help people to reduce their inner voice being critical.

That word is because.

  • “Can you call me before you finish today?”
  • “Can we have a meeting tomorrow?”
  • “Can I grab some of your time this week?”
  • Missed call and no message
  • Meeting invite for a catch up with and no reason given …

In the past few weeks I have been working with people from different organisations, who do different jobs with different levels of experience, and each person has had one of these messages. All of whom have had a similar reaction of ‘oh no what have I done now..’.

At the moment a lot people are overwhelmed, with more work that they can optimistically get done, with heads full and coming from a place of reaction not response, all are trying to juggle, be good people and serve their customers and teams.

I am promoting the word because as giving the reason can calm the inner critic.

  • “Can you call me before you finish today because I want to run through the team meeting agenda for next week?”
  • “Can we have a meeting tomorrow because I want to bounce around some recruitment ideas?
  • “Can I grab some of your time this week to talk about the sales team presentation?”
  • Missed call and no message – leave a message
  • Meeting invite for a catch up with … – give the reason for the meeting

You get the picture.

I know this isn’t addressing the root causes of why we are reacting and not responding, and for now let’s help people keep their inner critic in the box by giving reasons.

I am writing this because.. I care.

Ps why is it that writing the same word a few times make the word look weird?

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