Case Study: Lakeland Retail – Customer Service train the trainer

We have been working with Lakeland for a while now on a range of development projects, one of which was developing a team of retail customer service trainers.

The need: To develop a team of trainers to work with each store to embed some new and important customer service skills. To build on existing approaches and materials, and  develop short training sessions that trainers can use in store, and then develop a group of people to carry out these training sessions.

The customer service training focus has the themes of  greeting customers,  engaging customers in conversations and gaining interest.

Our approach:

  • Create the skill development training skill shots
  • Create train the trainer material and one day intensive workshop
  • Trainer training workshop walking people through each skill shot, and then focus on delivery. Plenty of practise, feedback and time to prepare and plan for the trainers to engage, plan and deliver the training in the stores.

Our learning:

  • Be clear on the role of the trainers and the plan to deliver the training
  • Encourage the trainers to form buddy support pairs who will create and co-deliver their training to start
  • A good balance between training content and the mindset of a trainer worked well.

Here is some of the feedback from the groups:

Programme rating (Rating scale 1 = poor, 10=excellent)


Overall programme rating


Programme rating (Rating scale 1 = not at all, 10=completely)


I will be able to use what I have learnt immediately


I will recommend the training to a colleague


How would you describe the training to a colleague?

  • Very clear and informative.
  • Really pertinent – informative and relevant
  • Informative good practical sessions
  • Skills for colleagues training styles and how they learn and understand
  • Very informative and hands on
  • Skills for colleague customer service training and how different colleagues learn and understand
  • Very useful and covers what went on before my time.

What worked well?

  • Interactive sessions, involving us throughout all stages – questions and feedback
  • Working alongside other managers and comprehensive workbooks to put notes in and take home.
  • Practical as well as theory
  • Like the presenting session and feedback. Good to get constructive view for improvements
  • Workbooks
  • Great discussions and learning points
  • Really like the workbooks – great guide. Time with colleagues to discuss training
  • Hearing the other managers comments and experiences.

What feedback do you have about your trainer?

  • Very friendly, open and approachable. Informative and well led day!
  • They worked well together, and I felt they made it bespoke to Lakeland in Lakeland language
  • Really personable – great rapport – knowledgeable – excellent – thank you
  • Warm open approachable
  • Engaging – easy to get on with
  • Trainers were fab, they listened and gave excellent feedback
  • Engaging and friendly
  • Good.

What are the top three actions you will implement at work?

  • Remember and implement others learning styles. Lead by example and create plans to stick to. Use observation sheets!
  • Roll out to my colleagues first. Organise my rota so I can roll training out to other stores
  • Deliver the training to my store. To my colleagues. Live it! Start delivery/planning straight away
  • Action plan. Commit to training. Complete training
  • Understand different learning styles. Take time to reflect
  • Give examples. Give feedback
  • Make a plan. Train my team. Reflect and understand learning styles and adapt training to suite.